I am running windows Xp Professional and I have a dell dimensions PC

(sorry I do not know much about computers)

Hi, out of nowhere today I turned on my computer and the xp load screen comes on and then immedietely it goes to a message that states

stop: c000021a {fatal system errors}
The Windows Logon Process system process terminated unexpectedly with a status of 0x80000004 (0x0000000000 0x0000000000).
The system has been shut down.

it will not allow me to run safe mode or anythign else because the same message comes up.

I put in the Widnows Xp Professonal edition reinstalation disk but yet again the same Blue error message cmes up and I am unable to use my computer if anyone has an idea how to help me it would be greatly appreciated :?: :?: :?:

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thank you so much but in that the guy says that he fixed the problem by he says

I tried loading the "Last Known Good Configuration" and that didn't work.
I tried the recovery console and couldn't find a command that would do the trick.
I was about to format when I was given the option to "Repair a Windows Installation". I did that and it works now.

can anyone explain to me how to get that option to repair a windows instalation


thank you. I have the windows XP reinstalation cd but when I boot up my computer it will not go to the instalation prompt. Can anyone tell me how to bring my computer th the instalation promp given the fact that I cannot go to my desktop in any way shape or form without getting a blue STOP error message


What Brand of computer is it .

windows XP reinstalation cd

,are you saying it a recovery CD for you brand name computer .and not a orginal Microsoft xp cd

When you boot computer you hit the DEL or F1 mabe depends on computer brand , key to enter the bios to change the boot sequence to first boot cdrom .


don't know what to tell you ,keep playing with it ,open case and make sure the cables are plugged into cdrom right and tight .


On most recent Dell Dimension PCs:

Hit <F12> at boot-- it will display a list of devices to boot from. It's loads easier than having to change stuff in the BIOS. Also, be sure to put the CD into the top CD-ROM drive in your system-- that's usually the one Dell sets as Secondary Master.


Thanks for that info Alex- glad we've got a certified Dell lunatic on board... :mrgreen:

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