I have installed Microsoft office 2003 on windows XP professional 64 bit OS. Also have install SP2 for XP and office 2003 as well. I can open word, Excel and power point. however when get error while configuring email client. The moment I click on check name while configuring email client it says "outlook could not log on. check to make sure you are connected to the network and are using proper server and mailbox name"

I have no issues while configuring on 32 bit Windows XP professional.

Appreciate your help


have you put your password in rite and your email address in rite. i don't us outlook it is shit erm but check ur paaword and email address and if that dose still not work download incredimail that is whot i us it is good.
or go into Control Panel then click on internet options then click on Programs where it say E-mail see if it is on outlook.
if is and still don't work download Incredimail.
i hop this help you

this is the web address: http://www.incredimail.com/english/download.asp

I run outlook 2003 just fine on xp 64 bit. Seems to me like you just made atypo somewhere in the config. Check the username/password and the hostnames/ports