Ive read numerous posts like these and couldnt find a answer for these circumstances, i recently foolishly turned off my xp laptop off by the mains button not knowing what could happen, everytime i start the laptop it says along the lines of " windows could not start properly"
and gives several options like start with safe mode etc, ive tried all these procedures but everytime it returns me back to the black page with "windows couldnt start properly" but also displaying a blue page for a second, could someone try and help?
many thanks

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The blue screen of death is important, try to pause the system at this screen or take a picture.. Once we know what the exact error is, we may be able to help you more.

I would boot to the xp cd and go to the recovery console: Try the commands: chkdsk /r, fixboot c: (or whatever your windows partition letter is)


Ironically, my emachines computer has just started having similar problems. I believe the entire motherboard is destroyed b/c the computer will not turn on (Even with a different psu).. So I installed the hd on a different computer and I boot it as primary hd..

Any option I choose (Start windows normally, safe mode, etc.), I receive a quick, unreadable blue screen of death, and then the computer restarts.

I am about to try the suggestions that I gave you.. If anything works, I'll post it here.


Okay, well.. none of that worked for me.. I am assuming that my hd is unable to boot b/c it doesn't recognize any of the new hardware.. Since it was proprietary (emachines), I do not think I can boot it in any other system...

If my earlier suggestions don't work for you either, than you should probably try to repair windows through the installation cd.. Boot to it, and check if it is possible to repair your windows installation (mine was not possible).


Ouch im sorry to hear you got the same problem, looks like il have to buy a recovery disc, if you manage to save ur computer let me know how!

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