I have two hard drives on my system. The first drive has Win XP. I was reformatting the second drive to load Win98 when I stupidly started to format the d: drive. (Which is where Format.com had put What had been my C: drive.) It went about 20% thru the format before I aborted the formatting. This caused my WinXP to be lost with all of my beloved pictures Etc... Is there any way to recover those files. Say.... with some kind of forensic program? A simpler way would be better of corse!
Thank You in Advance for your help!

First of all- don't do anything further with the drive until you get the right utility! There's a good chance that at least some of your data can be salvaged, but if you run any program which might attempt to write to the drive, the data will be overwritten.

Most of the available recovery utilities cost $$, but some offer a trial version which is fully functional. Information about recovering data, and links to a few utilities, can be found here:

I'm sure a Google search for keywords like "hard drive", "format", "data", and "recover" will give you more options.