I recently pushed out an outlook 2003 update from my WSUS server to about 100 clients. Out of those clients only 1 has show an issue. All of their Junk mail is being sent to their inbox and all the mail from their inbox is goign to their Junk Mail Box. We have tried to Detect and repair the program, we have also deleted configuration files on the exchange server linked to their account, we even turned off junk mail filtering for the user but it still continued to happen. The user has no other rules configured, they just use the junk mail filter and safe sender list. Our next step is to completely re-install outlook 2003. Our only concern is that the users pst file may have something corruptted in it that may re-create the same issue. Has anyone experienced this issue and/or any thoughts on it.


Ok, so my next step was to install SP2m hoping that would fix the problem. So far it has done nothing to solve the issue. So moving on to step 2 I have un-installed the Junk Mail update completely. So we will see if that fixes the problem. Im still puzzled as to why only 1 person out of a 100 had issues with the update. If this doesn't solve the problem I may have to look into programs the user is running that are not corporate approved applications.


I know this is a wild suggestion but has your user managed to rename the folders, so they are reversed ?

I know you may regard this has daft but I have seen users do al sorts of daft things!!

Good luck


Lol, He very well could have, but we created a new mailbox for him and everything seems to be working just fine now. Today we are going to turn his cached mode back on and see what will happen next. Before we made a new mailbox we turned cached mode off and the junk mail was still affecting where his mail was being placed.