Hope that I am posting this in the right section & posting this correctly.
But I am trying to uninstall AVG & it will not let me, because I am getting these errors:



by the way I am running Windows XP & IE6 ....

Thanks in advance for any help given.


This may sound counter-intuitive, however try this: Re-install AVG, and then uninstall AVG. Hopefully, by reinstalling, shell.dll (should) be put back in place. Then an uninstall (again, should) go without a hitch.

Good luck!

tys for answering me back, but the same happens when I try to reinstall. :-|

What OS are you running? XP? 2k?

let me know . . .

I am running Windows XP & IE6 ....
tys again

Okay . . . here's what I think:

You can get a copy of shell.dll from here: http://www.dll-files.com/dllindex/dll-files.shtml?shell .

Try downloading shell.dll, and placing it in either C:\windows\system or c:\windows\system32 (try one, if that doesn't work, try the other)

I cannot promise this will work, and I cannot promise that this won't break something else.

My Advice is this: If it were my computer, I would try it. However it might break something along the way (but *probably* not) :)

Let me know how it goes!


Okies that worked for the shell, I think that is taken care of however, (o how I hate howevers sometimes lol) I am getting this error when I try to uninstall or install AVG again, I am wondering if this is something that I may need to get ahold of AVG for, maybe something is wrong with their download? What do you think? ....


Tys for your help!

Hmm. . . .

Can you download the AVG file brand new? Perhaps the .exe is corrupted?

See if that helps.

let me know -


wow, and you just downloaded the avg file, right? You might want to try downloading it a second time, but if you have already done that, I am running out of ideas.

Sometimes files get lost on the hard drive -- perhaps running disk defrag might help. I am stretching now, but it is worth a try.

Or do you have a software package like Norton System works? That might do the trick as well.

let me know, and we will see what we can do . . .


Hi courtney,

When shell.dll is missing it will usually be because your system has been infected with a virus which has corrupted it, and your AntiVirus program has removed it.

It's a system file, and there should be a copy of it in your WINDOWS folder, and another in your WINDOWS\SYSTEM32 folder.

Download a new copy of the file

Search the two folders mentioned, and see if you find copies of the file there. (You might need to change, in 'Folder Options', these settings:

Open up 'My Computer', go to 'Tools -> Folder Options -> View' enable 'Show hidden files and folders'. and deselect 'Hide extensions for known file types' and 'Hide protected operating system files'

You'll need to delete the files because they may be altered, infected copies, and then copy the freshly downloaded file into both directories.

No guarantees, but it's a technique which has worked for others.

Windows most likely won't allow you to delete the file directly, and you might have to do it from DOS. If so, pop a new floppy disk into the drive, open up 'My Computer', right click the drive and choose 'Format'. Ensure that 'Add system files' is checked, and you'll end up with a bootable diskette to which you can add the SHELL.DLL file and use DOS commands to copy it to the necessary directories on your hard drive.

ut-oh sounds like I may have gotten into something bad on pc, thank you both so much for your advice & I will try your suggestion Catweazle & I will get back to you in a couple of days to let you know the status of this problem.
Thanks again!!!!

You are right, it will not let me delete the shell, & I am betting that it is corrupted hence I get the second error message.

I am really nervous working from DOS, I have never had to so I am afraid to do that on my own. Also, if I do not repair the shell, will other programs be affected by this as well?