Im new to this site, but hopefully someone can help me with this. I can normally get on any site EXCEPT blackplanet.com (no other site) and ONLY on MY computer (no other computer)(takes 2-3min to go from page to page). I have gone through the internet options and have deleted files, cookies, even restore defaults to no mission being solved yet.....please help.

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Welcome :)

That site seems to be VERY GRAPHIC HEAVY .. I clicked a link off the main page and 30 seconds later it still wasnt loaded..... I just closed it w/o waiting.......


Today is July 6, 2011 and, I'm still having trouble with pages loading on Black Planet.
So...I agree with PhyZeke and The Dude. It seem like they don't do anything to improve their site? I'll have to find out who own Black Planet?:-O

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