Ok I have a Toshiba M45 Series laptop. I recently had to reformat my hard drive because it wouldn't boot. So after I did that, about a week later, my fan stopped working and I think I'm gonna have to send it to a Toshiba repair place to get it fixed. NOW..my DVD burner wont burn CD's. It is supposed to burn both and now it will only burn DVDs not CDs. Ive tried 2 different brand of disks, Sony, and Memorex. When I burn DVDs Im using Memorex but when I use the same brand for CDs it wont burn. Ive tried slowing down the writing speed all the way down to 2x and it still wont work. I have a Matshita DVD-RAM UJ-831S. I'm hoping this doesnt need to be replaced too! Although I am under warrenty...! Anyone have any help!?

If it will burn the DVDs I don't think your problem is the drive, have you tried reinstalling the drivers? What software are you using and what are you trying to burn?

I have tried Nero, WMP, Yahoo Jukebox, and Itunes. Should I uninstall it and then reinstall it?

Ow. Try checking your drivers for the burner, Jessykah. Go start > run, type devmgt.msc and enter. Expand the cd/dvd rom drive entry, dclick the drive and then select driver tab. Update driver, Yes this time only.... and so on. Now you have options - you can accept the M$ defaults, insert the CD which came with your drive, or even point the loader at a file which you previously [heh heh] downloaded from the manufacturer's site for your drive. And if it all falls over, hit the rollback button.
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Jessykah...some of us have lives out side of these forums and may not always have the time to make a prompt reply. If one of us can't get back to you quickly someone usually will as gerbil has in this case. You need to have patience.

The information that I was able to find regarding that specific drive is that it is picky about what media it likes, so your problem may not be the driver. You may have to experiment to find what it likes, I would suggest trying media by Verbatim or Ritek ReData. If this drive is picky it may not like CD+R.

Hi, dcc, I'm starting to see quite a few comments regarding media suitable for the various burners in the mkt. It's a bit disturbing. Quality does count with burners....of course. Pays to check reviews before purchasing, it seems.
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Well the thing is I have been using the same brand of disks since I have had my laptop. I have always used sony and they have worked fine...up until this point. and now it wont burn to sony or memorex. i really dont wanna go out and buy more blank cd-r's if it isnt gonna work.