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I am going to try vista on another computer. I have read numerous articles on just getting the upgrade and using that instead of the full version. I have not read much about it lately and was wondering what people were doing. Please respond only if you have tried the upgrade process. Thanks.

I have been testing Vista as part of the Beta Testing team. Since the RC1 release they have really improved a lot.
You can defintelty try to install a clean install without going for an inplace upgrade.

A word of caution: make a list of all the device drivers and apps installed. so that you can search compatible drivers. Also i owuld suggest you to download some important device drivers before installing vista as you might not be able to get on to internet without proper vista compatible. Most geenric devices will be installed automatically by the OS. But dont take a chance as it depends on the H/W manufatures is they have release any updates for vista or not.

I definately believe that a new install is the better way to go. Yes, it's fun getting all the new drivers installed for your software, but sometimes it's better to just clean it up, and start over. Vista takes a lot of space and it's good to save some space by getting rid of unused software. It's amazing about how many programs you accumulate and don't use. I had about 50 on my machine, and after the new install, only reinstalled about 20.............
In all fairness, I also went to new disks for more speed useing ATA and two discs together in something call "Stripe". Really fast