Hi all

I have a Toshiba Satellite M40 laptop and it has recently been having several problems with it. These problems are:

  • Has a 'Toshiba Power Saver Error' occur a lot of the time
  • Doesn't shut down properly, but instead hangs on the 'windows is shutting down' screen
  • Sometimes will not start up properly, and either just displays a blank screen, or hangs on the Toshiba test display screen. Strangely moving the battery around usually solves this.
  • Has recently started to shut down suddenly for no reason. This has always been when I have been playing a game, but this may just be a coincidence? When I press the power button again after it has the previous problem occur (not starting up properly), and then displays a power saver error when it has loaded.

I have noticed that when it hangs either starting up or shutting down, the HDD activity light doesn't show anything.

I have recently had it inspected by a computer repair specialist who ran some tests and said that it was either a faulty battery, a faulty connection on the battery docking bay, or a faulty HDD. He said it was most likely the HDD as the same errors occur when the laptop is connected to the mains as opposed to running off of the battery.

I would really appreciate any help anyone could give me because it is really getting annoying now.

Thanks. :)

Sorry just to add I did replace the HDD, but errors are still occuring.

have you tested it without battery?
maybe it's just a software problem, have you tried to use recovery DVD?

Yeah ive tried on several occasions without the battery in, and no problems have occured as of yet. And it wouldnt be a software problem as I have reformatted twice since they started.

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