i'd been using these for years, i can download any file or installer i like in the web only that it takes a day to download the file.

using azureus you can download installers in torrent form as long as you have internet connection. but be patient with the speed because its too slow...

i can't download now my files i want because we don't have internet connection. i only rent in internet cafes and it would take a much of time and money.

try it guys!!!! ahihihih :)

using azureus with torrent files i have download an avg pro with keygen.

i've search windows vista, and even game like nba 2006 and other installers even porn.
all of these files are present.

email me or reply to this post for more info

nsaxor@yahoo.com or gerardoroxas@gmail.com

You've started this thread for nothing. Basically, majority of the internet users know about torrents and their torrent's client.