I have encounter this problem and it managed to annoy a guy whit extreme patient like me in 2 weeks. I solwed the problem few ours ago so here is a step by step guide to solve this problem. Please read the ATTENTION part before you start these steps.


This problem mostly caused by the program (that you have installed, a spyware, a mallware, a virus (yea actually it is a program too) or a toolbare etc.) which is runnin on your system when you have encounter the "Buffer overrun detected!" message.

Good thing about this error is it is keep poping up till you close the faulty program. So this will make our job even easier. First run a antivirus program to detect if you have any viruses in your system. If you still have the same problem then run a spyware program.

I have Norton Antivirus and Internet Security currently installed on my system and I would recommend them to you but if you want to go freeware I would recommend AVG Antivirus. For spyware and adware you can use Search & Destroy and Ad-Aware. After a full scan whit all these then restart your computer. If you are lucky enough you wont get any error again. If you are not contunie to read;

Close all programs which is running one by one. But after you close a program click ok on the "Buffer overrun detected!" error message. If the message pops up again that means you have closed the wrong program. So go for next program. Until the mesage does not pop up close all the programs one by one. When you close the right program and click ok on the "Buffer overrun detected!" message it wont pop up again.


When you find the program which causes this problem you need to be sure that actually this program is guilt of all charges. : )

So reboot your PC (or laptop in my case) and this time when you have the message close the program you detected before. If the error message does not pop up again that means you grab the .... from its balls.

BUT do not uninstall the program straight away. Because you might want to;

- Backup your data.
- Tweak your settings and figure it out if the program has a simple setting problem.
- Not the program but another program whic has been run by that program is guilty. (For ex. a tool bar or a help tool.)


After you certan that you have the faulty program, uninstall and reinstall it. Becuase a registery change might solve simply all of your problems. After reinstall if you still have the same problem please contact whit the support desk of the program.


After you solve your problem use your machine around 2 to 4 hours to make sure you wont get same problem again.


In my case the problem was my wireless cards tool. Whenever this tool do something about connection I had this error. I have uinstall this tool along whit my wireless card driver and re isntall them again. I do not have any problem right now.


These steps should not cause any problem at all. BUT if you do encounter any problem or loose any data please do not even think about to accuse me. Well it worked for me.

If you are unlickiest person who is alive and this problem does not solve by this simple steps then unfortunatly you might want to contact whit a professinal or simply backup all of your data and make a clean install of your Operating System.

Good luck.

I have been having the buffer over run going on only on my quick time player and itunes for the past few days. When I used these programs last, when they worked was about two weeks ago. Now all of a sudden I get this buffer error. I have tried to disable the lan connection, uninstall and reinstall the programs. I have run numerous virus, spyware,reg fix ware to no avail. I have checked and rechecked setting. I have gone back and rolled back an archived backup file. Still the error. Is there anything beside a clean reinstall of windows to take this problem away and get itunes to work?

You can try updating JAva (Check java.com) and Windows (Select Windows Update from your Start Menu).

But if it is still the same I would stronly advice you to do a clean install and get a system backup right after. So when you have any problem you can install everything in 5 to 10 minutes.
Check; Norton Ghost (http://www.symantec.com/home_homeoffice/products/overview.jsp?pcid=br&pvid=ghost12)

Alcohol 120% (http://www.alcohol-soft.com/)

Good Luck.

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