Ok guys I have a situation that im hoping someone can help me with. I just bought a laptop and want to be able to sync data between my computers. I am willing to take any suggestions on this. Here is how my personal home network is setup. I have two desktops, one is my main computer and the other is a server running win2k3 that isn’t setup for anything (but am willing to use it for anything). Right now I have a script that runs at 3am that backup my main computer to my server.

So what I want is to have my data on my laptop sync up, get all my files in My Documents, with my desktop when I log into it. Then be able to take my laptop to Starbucks or some place to do work and have all my files. Then when I get back home log into my laptop have my changed documents sync up. I hope that’s not confusing.

So im not sure if I need to use software for this or if setting my server for something, like a domain, will work. I thought about setting up my own domain w/o roaming profiles and redirecting My Documents. But I don’t think I will be able to get to my files on my laptop when im away from my home. Am I wrong here?

If anyone can help I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks


You might get quicker help over in the networking section.

Thanks ill go repost it over there.