I've just reformatted my PC. Operating system is Windows XP Home, SP1. I have no sound at all. I tried to alter the volume settings but the system could not fins any audio/sound devices. I have a floppy disk entitled SiS 964 RAID installation support disk Rev1.0.
What do I do with this? Should I have inserted this into the drive before reformatting? Do I have to re-reformat? Help!

I don't know much about RAID configurations but I believe it involves using two identical HardDrives for faster access/better backup of your data. Tho I'm sure I'm off by quite a bit (I mostly just play games, just trying to help until someone more knowledgeable has the time ^_^). These can be installed by pressing F6 during Windows initial installation with your RAID floppy disk inserted. This should have no relation to your current problem tho.

Seems to me like you just need to re-install your sound card drivers. Not all are included with a clean Windows XP install. Do you have a on-board sound card? If so what is your motherboard model number? If not what type of sound card do you have? Some new sound drivers should be all you need to start enjoying your sound again =D

Thanks newmeesy. I started from the beginning and reformatted again. I found a software disc for the motherboard which I didn't know I had and installed all the drivers from there. Also, I had to turn on the sound scheme in the control panel to "windows default".
You learn a lot of things when you are trying to solve a problem!

Sound problem
I had a hard drive failure, prior to this happening my sound was working perfectly. Replaced my hard drive, and reinstalled WinXP Pro and updates, all drivers, including SoundMax, from motherboard CD (ASUS P5B) thought I added everything back but my sound is only partially working. If I play a CD all is well. My onboard sound device will not play WAV files. I went to the Control Panel under Sound and Audio Devices, went to sounds and all the windows sounds when clicked on won’t play, the play button is grayed out. What am I overlooking? Can someone help me out? Thanks.