Hi, I have two machines, a notebook and a tower connected to my Zyxel HW660 Router via wireless and ethernet respectively. The notebook (HP Compaq nx6325) is running windows xp professional and the tower (custom build) is running windows vista ultimate edition. When I access the internet with either of the machines, I get a timeout/connection reset error when using firefox every so often (approx 10 mins apart although can be much shorter/longer period of time). This however is not the only application with problems. I have problems using any application once the internet hangs so to speak, for example dreamweaver and internet explorer (thought it might have been firefox at first). If anyone can help with this annoying problem I would be most greatful. Many thanks in advance.


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Did you ever get the issue with Vista resolved?? I am having the same problem, frequent web timeouts. Happens in particular on sites that are either running Coldfusion, MySQL or .NET. Rebooting machine seems to clear them up for a 1/2 day or so but then it starts timeing out again.

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