Hi... glad to have stumbled across this great looking forum.

I have a question to ask. I just started using VMWare 4, and am trying to install Windows 2003 Server Enterprise Edition on a Windows XP machine before an actual installation on a server.

Every time I boot VMWare, it is not detecting my CD ROM. I have a DVD drive, and a CDRW drive. The options for the CD Drive in Vmware is auto-detect, E or F for my system config.

The vmware system continually gives me the error: No bootable CD, floppy or hard disk was detected. To install an operating system, insert a bootable CD or floppy and restart the virtual machine.

During the process, no drive lights are active, and it appears vmware never even attempts to connect to the CD drives.

I've changed the vmware bios to boot from CD first, and it is still not working!!!???

I look forward to some sage advice from the csgal, or anyone who can help. :cheesy:

Best regards,

Jake Strawn
Myispfinder LLC

Verify that the Virtual CD Drive is set for "Connect and Startup" and the "Connected" check boxes are checked.

Can you post a screenshot of the BIOS boot options? Try checking use in exclusive mode, and select the CD-Rom drive that the Windows Server disc is in.

Okay, at the main BIOS screen, hit the right arrow key three times (Until your in the boot section) and screenshot that.

Thats actually want I wanted.. lol.

Edit: If you just looked at it, within the 10 seconds that I've posted.. I mixed up my left and right. Thats now fixed in the original post.

The CDROM is listed 1st on the boot screen.

After some investigation, I'm begining to think it's a problem with the Win2k3 disk not being bootable.

Well, that could be a good reason. Try booting the cd in your computer (not VMWare)... does that work?