I generally us MSN but other user tend to use the Internet Explorer.. When in use the pop ups out number and out time the mouse clks.. virus or what the crap is going on? I run Macaffee and spybot and disc defrag. empty all files and even try to download an msnvirus deal but it could not load. Something is very wrong. Also computer freezes and programs stop responding frequently...

Turn on the pop up blocker!
It's found by ==> Control Panel > Security Centre > internet Options > Privacy Tab > check the box at the bottom (says "turn on pop-up blocker")

Also try running Lavasoft's Adaware. That should get any adware that causes that sort of thing.

THANKS I am trying.. Ad-aware now and the popup blocker is on, but still have them pop up... A

run scans disconnected from the net, and in safe mode if possible (hit f8 {i think} on boot and select safe mode. norton won't work but others should)

hey y don u try other browsers such as firefox or opera ?
they prevent all pop-ups