each time i download something, the download just alway stop, it will still show the download going but it not getting any megs or anything.
it not the internet browser but i have also used firefox with it resumeable download but still doesnt help. (always happens to large files eg. over 50megs but small files like 5mb are just fine)

i do use a download manager but there this site where u can't use download managers to download anything. it like a redirection link or something ( php extensions etc.) so i cant use my DAP.

Any ideas

Are you on a slower connection?

DAP, and other programs like it, generally cause ALOT more problems than they fix.

Can you provide us with abit more info about your computer? :)

Yes, I'd discontinue using the download manager and see if that brings more success with the downloads.

i uninstall all my download programs and it still does the same thing so im sure it not any of those progams.

my systems specs are:

Windows XP Professional
Athlon 1.2ghz
ECS k7vta3 v3 Motherboard.
512mb ddr400 double sided.

Realtek RTL8139/810x Ethernet Card
D-Link 302g ADSL Modem.
And my internet connection is 1MB

No Spywares since i cleaned it with system mechanics.

look at or post a list of the running processes. That will let us see if anything else is running that might need to be stopped.

Otherwie it could be the NIC.

Run netstat -s from the command line and look at the errors.

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