My friends' pc is stuck in the cycle of booting to the:

-run in safe mode
-run in safe mode with command prompt

-last know good configuration
-start normally


After choosing any option it restarts. the power unit was replaced recently, and it used to have 2 BIOS's but one died. Regularly the pc was crashing with the error of failed BIOS (or similar).

Windows xp (genuine) that was "built from different parts". (sorry can't be more detailed).

Any ideas?

Faulty RAM?
Check with them that they have
1. The correct type of RAM
2. The RAM is properly seated
3. No muck on the contacts
4. They have enough of it!
Try them first.

her brother says it's definitly a harddrive probelm because:
if it was a hardware prob, then the pc would restart at different times, but it restarts at exactly the same point each time

Loose connections?
Has it been changed recently or moved around, that sort of thing?

May be improper jumper settings or wrong combination of processor and Mainboard.

It's been sitting in the same place for years. Also, it tends to die when you plug stuff in to the same adapter that the pc's plugged into

That would show not enough power going to the adapter. Could be a PSU problem with that, change the adapter.

If he just swapped out the BIOS hell probably need to reinstal windows

BIOS was just turned off. There was 2 in there. one broke. Something like that. And her brother is still insisting on the Harddrive being the problem


"Also, it tends to die when you plug stuff in to the same adapter that the pc's plugged into "

PSU or hdd i think (reinstalling windows might be a good idea though)

Or a Reformat? That could help.

reinstalling windows might be a good idea though

Its implied that you reparition, reformat then reinstall