Has anyone else ever seen this happen? My machine has 2 hard drives with several partitions(c,e,f,g,h,i, and d for the cd rom). I booted from the winxp cd, and when it got to the point where it asked which partition I wanted to install Windows on, I noticed the drive letters on some partitions had changed. The partitions were still intact, so I just went ahead and deleted and recreated my C partition and continued with installation. All went through fine.

Once I got back into Windows, I went into disk management to format the e partition. To my surprise, I saw my c drive listed as a boot partition and the e drive listed as a system partition. The e drive had no system files on it. All I had on e was my games no system files, not even hidden. Needless to say, because it was labeled a system partition, I couldn't format the e drive.

So I reboot and boot off the windows cd so I can get rid of the e partition that way. When I get back to the screen where I can modify partitions setup shuffled the drive letters again. This time it made drive f the c drive. Drive f was just a storage partition for mp3's and stuff. no system files there. Because it was now drive c I could not boot into windows at all. I had to do another reinstall.

I didn't want to wipe out my storage drive, I ended up rebooting and restarting winxp setup 3 times. Each time it shuffled the drive letters, until finally it did not designate anything as drive c. I created a c partition, installed windows, all is good now.

I have never seen this happen before. I have reinstalled windows on multiple partition systems many times. Setup has always left the drive letters alone. Anyone else ever experience this?

Shuffling your drives like a deck of cards huh?LOL

Sounds like you may have gotten distracted thought you did what you normally do,But didn't and led you to continue.Which in turn got you wondering "WHAT THE HELL I'VE DONE THIS BEFORE" so you started thinking to deep on it.Which then aggrevation and a little panic set in which those and working on a computer doesn't set to well.LOL

I wouldn't let it bother me and be happy you didn't lose your stuff and got it straightened out.

ye windows likes to change the drive letter when you set up xp non of the data has gone and it just works fine hopefully that would be the same for you

dont worrie about it


Yes you get that when you boot to a recovery console it will rename the drive letters.

When I worked on eMachines and Gateway most if not all restore cd and recovery consoles list themselves as the A drive when the disk was in the CDROM drive which is normally a drive letter D: while in windows.

I wouldn't worry about it either.

RueB 2s De.