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I am trying to setup a Win 2K server as a router. I have a NAS device that holds all my back up’s and I was to connect that via a cross over cable to my Win 2k Server box (the router).
The win 2k server box is also my back-up server and has a VXA device with Back-up exec 8.5 installed. The reason for this is because my network has a high traffic rate and if I connect the NAS device via a cross over cable the back up time would be much less (at the moment it is taking too long). All the other machines on my network need to see the NAS server as files from other machines gets copied to the NAS server.
I have set-up and configured “Routing and remote access. The TCP/IP setting on the NIC for the NAS & the NIC that connects to the NAS are as follows.

IP -
Mask -
Gateway – (win 2k box)

NIC on Win 2K box
IP –
Mask –
Gateway –

To be honest I have completely confused my self and am unsure/changed my mind on how to tackle this.

Does the NIC that connects to the rest of my network need to have a 192.168.X.X address added!?

Rather than admitting what “parp I have defined as a static rule I was wondering if any of you fine people could shed some light as to what the static rule(s) need to suggest and if indeed (quite likely) I have left any massive sections out I need to consider.

Thanks very much for you time and happy new year.


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Also, what is the game with the filters? If there are no rules in the filter section does that mean nothing is being allowed or are there defaults that are auto allowed and we cant see what they are?!



Removed content, you've confused me. Surely the gateway has to be either blank, or some other device on your network that links to a bigger network, or the Internet.

Regards, David.


I imagine the filter, if left blank allows everything, but if a range is added, only allows that range. Anything else would be un-workable.

As for static rules, just keep a list, don't use the same one twice, it is more subnets that you have to be careful of.

Why bother with the router idea at all, can't you just connect the two devices, and use IPs to point to other devices for file backups, aka. \\\..... for connection to the NAS.

Why not, just configure both Server and NAS with IP addresses off the range of your normal network, then plug both, into a switch with the rest of your Network. The two should be able to work fine, and saves all this router configuration, and having two NICs active...

(sry about multiple edits).

Hey, Thanks for yor help Marty...

I have deleted and re-done setting up the R&RA server. Once that was compleate all I added was a static rule.

Interface - NIC connected to NAS via Cross cable.
Destination -
Mask -
Gateway -
Met 1

The reason I want (Not wanted at all but thought I had to :) ) to use this router idea is so that the tape deviced can back-up there copied folders via this cross over cable there for there would be no other interfearence (onve the copy had finished) Thus bringing down the time it takes to back-up onto tape.....

The network is using a compleatly different set of IP's to the 192.x.x.x so I though routing would have to take place.

For instance from the desktop machine I am at at the moment I can not ping the NAS device or the 2K server. If I were to add in to my NIC (desktop) I can then ping the nas on but not the Win 2K box on

Many thanks......

Thank _____ it is friday and In 4 hours time I wont have to worry about this until Monday..... Cheers for you help.....

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