I just installed Windows XP and i have been getting this problem. I have a fresh install of windows XP. I have checked for spyware and viruses just incase. I have checked my running processes and there are no unusual processes running. I have a good computer. Intel Core Duo 2.4ghz, I have 4gbs of ram. I have no clue what is going on. ArmA took an hour to install. Whenever i download or install something windows will just lag. My mouse cursor lags horribly. I previously had vista and i had windows xp before that and they worked fine. Only reason i uninstalled vista is because some of the stuff i use and play don't work properly. Anyone know what the problem may be?

have you ever use xp with 4 gig of ram before ,i do believe there are issues with xp when you use more than 2gig of ram

Yes. I believe that xp does not support more than 3gbs. I know there is a way to make it recognize all 4 gbs but i don't think it uses more than 3gbs. I had Windows XP Pro when i have had 4gbs and i did not have this problem. All i can think of is it may be my Hard Drive maybe i somehow broke it by reformating it? i don't know. It appears that whenever my computer writes to my harddrive windows will start to slow down. My hard drive is far from being full on space so i am not sure what is going on.

Its 3gb and btw arma is really slow installing....

Make sure you have installed your chipset drivers or else XP will only be using one core of your Core2

I installed the chipset drivers and rebooted. I'm currently downloading Crysis MP Beta and I still have this problem :(

open up your box..

clean the memory sticks with an eraser..

then try reinstalling your OS..

my question is...is it licensed??

"clean the memory sticks with an eraser.."

dont use any old eareaser!
if you dont know what i mean, dont try it...

I bought a new hard drive an SATA 500gb and my problem is fixed! Thanks for the tips and suggestions!