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I'd agree. If your system is in a mess, installing a Service pack won't 'fix' it. Clean the system up first, or format and start over. The Service pack is designed to strengthen Security measures, so you need to give it a chance to do so.

Software which gives problems afterwards may simply be 'badly behaved'. For some programs you need to set 'exceptions' to the security measures put in place.


Installed on one computer so far. Turned off the XP firewall since the computer has Zonealarm installed. Zonealarm brought up a number of alerts about changed programs (as expected) but no other problems so far.


I've had no problems with it and have it on quite a few (20+?) machines now. The only weird thing I've seen so far, is that on my machine when I sign into windows messenger in a particular way, it resets the font size on my tooltip boxes... very weird, but nothing really problematic.

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