A friend had a Compaq laptop, running Windows 98se, given to her. When it is booted up it has an error screen.
Cannot find a device file that may be neede to run windows or a windows application.

The windows registry or System. INI file refers to this dvice file, but the device file no longer

I went into system info. and under Problem Device is the following message.

Secondary IDE controller (dual fifo)
This Device Has a Problem: Code=29 (0x1D)
This device has been disabled in the hardware. In order to use this device you must re-enable the hardware.
Registry Key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\enum\MF\CHILD0001\PCI&VEN_1045&DEV_D568&SUBSYS_OE1103CC&REV_12&BUS_00&DEV_14&FUNC_00

Alloc resources: Logical Configuration 0
Forced rresources: None
Boot resources: None
Filtered resources: None
Basic resources: None
Driver: hdc\0002
Driver Date: 4-23-1999
Driver: ESDI_506,pdr
File Size: 24406(0x5f56)
File version: 4.10.2222
Company Name: Microsoft
Under History, It gives the dates the configuration was changed.

First off, I'm not sure what the device is: CD Drive, Floppy Drive, Game controller"?
Secondly, how do I correct it!

Please help me.

i think u r laptop installed with win98,is not proper working because some files from system 32 is lost thats why u r not able to boot in to os,so frm my openinon u should upgrade u r laptop again with win98 os cd,
just select the option of upgrade while installation of os

Thanks for ur help

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