My friend uses Outlook Express for his email. It works fine while he is at his own computer. But his email is always pulled off his email site and into his own computer, so when he is away from that computer, he does not have access to his email. How can he download his email into Outlook Express, but ALSO keep it on the internet so that when he is at another computer away from home he can still view all his email? Thanks for responding.

i think you need to check with your system administrator.. so you can directly access to your e-mail even though u'r not sitting in your own need an account to access through the internet away from your pc..

I should clarify.....he can still get new email from his provider while he is away, but does nto have access to any old email that has been downloaded into his computer through the Outlook program....those old emails are only on this home computer. He needs to be able to look at old emails as well as new emails, so I am trying to figure out how to keep ALL his emails in his service provider, as well as in his Outlook Program.....hope this clarifies....any help?

go into your setting of the sevice provider and it shoudl say something like pop settings and you can set it to do what you want

Hope it helps

I finally figured out the problem.....It is an advanced option in Outlook Express that says "keep a copy of emails in server" and now the email will stay on the server so that is is available online from anywhere....thanks for all your help.

Your Welcome:)

The best thing is to do is if you have any problems post a topic on the forum this helps like 90% of the time becasue you get people with the same dilemma you has solved it

And if you can't find anyone who can help it wont harm to play around with things ASLONG AS IF YOU HAVE GOT A BACKUP

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