Hey i was wonder if anyone can help, the problem is that after defraging the C: drive some of my game start not to work properly, the basic function is fine but all the game start to act up the games will start but the screen is not as it should be, all that is on the screen for every game is purple pixel.
please help if anyone know whats wrong

I've never known Defrag to scramble any files. But your first step should be to reinstall your graphics drivers, I'd say.

if you've already tried this, perhaps you could describe in greater detail what "purple pixel" meands. One pixel only?

a purple pixel? does it always show in the same place? how about POST does it appear there?

sorry guys, one of the problem is that i dont know how to discribe it... its like my pc is unable to render the graphics install come up with a whole screen of purple squares... I have tried reinstalling drivers, games and use all kind of thing to try to fixes it but nothing worked it has happen to all the game apart from overload... NFSC, Bioshock, Lost planet and i not sure what else but those are the ones that i know have been affected

Correction on the situation my pc is able to render the graphics but there are purple square covering the graphics, i am not sure how to upload the pictures so if you can tell how to upload the picture then i can show you guys want i mean