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I got Winxp and win2k installed as a duel boot, im currently using xp and the win2k folders are in my c directory, i just want to remove 2k from my computer, and keep xp with out reformating or reinstalling.. what do i do...
when i put winxp cd in i was told to pretend as if i was reinstalling xp and delete the partion then quit, but i see one partion, and im afriad if i do, it will format xp.. HELP i also have win2k cd

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If you do not really, care about the space that Win 2000 is taking up why not just make Windows boot to Win XP every time. This can be easily be done by going here (Control Panel --> System --> Advanced Tab --> Start Up And Recovery --> Under the Default Operating System Make sure Win XP is selected and get rid of the 30 seconds and make it 0 if possible. I wish I could try but I am at work and my system is on lockdown.

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