Ok here the thing my parents computer got a blue screen of death saying a registry file was missing. I put the xp cd that came with the computer to do the recovery console. I did a CHKDSK /r in the cmd and scaned got to 40% and just wouldnt go anymore i waited a hour. SO i decided that i would just reformat the computer and bring the computer back to the way it was when it was bought. I started to do that i formated the drive its gets to the part when it it copying files it stops at 18% and it stops at the driver.cab file then i get another blue screen of death that doesnt help me with the error everytime i do this i get the same thing. Since i formated the drive i dont have a OS on the computer anymore what should i do? It the harddrive shot or is it a easy fix and im just missing one thing i havnt done yet. Let me know

did u format the HDD yourself or was it done byt the restore cd?

i reformated it with the cd. I did all the steps needed to reinstall the os on the computer

when i ask if you formated the HDD i meant did u type a command to format the drive or did the restore process ask you if u want to format and you choose yes

May be there are survival problems Follow Some of them...

If Driver.cab Stopped

1. I think you need a new CD-ROM or a new CD

If the problem Still Coming the same

2. Try to format your C: Drive with Windows 98 Bootable CD And then again Run Windows XP Setup.

i formated it when it asked me if i wanted to.

How can the cd rom be bad it the dell windows xp disk that came with the computer for reinstalling it. Also that doesnt explain why im getting the blue screen of death when i try to install it

I tryed a different cd now it saying there are missing files. I tryed server 2003 that i have and i know it works because i have used it also xp pro wont i get the same error that files were not copied right. I think that the computer may be shot i wanna say its about 5-6 years old.

check the hard drive partition, normally these hdd comes with 2 partitions one that hold all the installation setting, if that partition is damage you could be getting the BSOD, also check the cpu. make sure good thermal grease is on between the heatsink and processor. and lastly give the hard drive a break it might ve very hot from all the work you have been doing to it.

Im not saying it is but what if the partition is bad what do i do in that case?

Try disabling the memory chace.That should fix your problem.I have done this and it works.

how do i disable it. is it in the bios

Yes.It may do the trick,as it has worked for me.

that good help but my xp disk keeps telling me that it was unable to copy files. what ever xp disk i use i get the same unable to copy files. Or it will freze then i get a blue screen thats says your computer as stop so that no damage could be done

I had a blue screen today.Had to FDISK and remove partions then run an XP Home recovery setup.It installed.I then did a full format and installed XP-Pro.It is up and running.

i cant even do that it just stops running

i cant even do that it just stops running

its clear you have a hardware problem,of some sort ,could be anything from a bad cpu/motherboard/video card/cdrom drive/harddrive /ram the list goes on and on .time to take to computer shop or neighbourhood computer geek

You might try running FDISK.Wipe all partiobs out.Then create a max dos partiob and try the ibstakkation again.

I think it is because of you have formated Disk using two Different File Systems first FAT32 and last time you have used NTFS file System it is therefore.