so after cleaning my comp with all those spyware trojans rar! my firefox browser now has a green puzzle piece on above my tabs.. hmm im not a comp savvy pls dnt laugh at me hehhe.. help pls?

We need brief description to point out the problem.
Till try to Start Firefox in her own Safe Mode option. Or re-install it.

ok here.. hmm below the back butoon forwad reload buttons is another line consisting of the customized links , windows media and windows with icon like of a paper.. below that is a white blank page with a green puzzle piece at the middle about half an inch.. and then line again then its my browser page displaying the sites i am in..

Julzie is Firefox saying anything to you, I'm trying to wrap my mind around this.

I think it might be asking you to install a plugin, I had a friend take a look at this and that's the best answer we could get. So take another look and see if it's asking you to install a plugin.

:'( thats what i thot at first... i clicked it nothin happened.. i tryd to ryt click it still nothing:(

uninstall firefox and reinstall it

Unintstall and REinstall. That's the ticket, as I'd tried EVERYthing else. Reinstalling cleaned up everything. Fpr the first time, I can watch videos in Firefox!

the green puzzle is thee to let you know there is an update to firefox itself or that there is an update to one of the pluggins you have on it , go to tools ,advance, check for updates