I posted a thread eariler but had no replies, so here it goes again.
I am having a problem with my graphics card after defraging my pc, when i play games the blocks appear on screen and covers some of the graphics my pc believes the graphics if fine, because the print screen of the game is prefect, but on screen as the game runs the graphic is covered by blocks.
I have tried reinstalling drivers and games use different pc repair software, defraged again to see if it helps and nothing have helped.
thanks for your time

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Could use some additional information, which game in particular are you playing, I am assuming that you mean the game is showing up blocky? Have you updated your video card drivers to the latest out by it's manufacturer, and do you have the latest directx by microsoft? We could also use some system spec information. I requested the game because sometimes games have a problem with a certain video card, or an older video card. That's all I can think of for now. Please post back.


Defragging can't cause what you're reporting (famous last words!). Something else has happened.

Is there a CPU hogging program running in the background?


sorry for the late reply guys, my internet decided to pack up when eariler.

after speaking to a few other people i think the major problem is with the graphic card hardware although i havent had time to test my theory yet i am now quite certain.

Anyway sorry for wasting your time and thanks for posting

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