I am running a laptop with windows xp home version...

everytime i start the system within about 30 seconds the modem dials out... it is quite annoying and my wife hates it.

I am running mozilla 1.6 for both internet and mail....

the system has both IE and outlook installed, but they are rarely used...

i have checked in the options and properties for all these programs and I they all seem to be set to dial only when opened...

I have run ad aware and cw shredder and nothing new on the system...

any help would be more than appreciated.

thanks in advance:D

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Have a look at the "Helping Yourself" sticky in the security section for links, and try both Spybot and Trojan Remover in addition to the tools you already use.


Not sure if the Internet Explorer options can effect the Mozilla options. But, Its worth a shoot - I would set the (Never Dial A Connection) option. Which is located in Internet Explorer-->Tools-->Internet Options-->Connections

All this will do is not allow any program to dial a connection. All Dialup connections must be initiated by YOU.
This is not a fix just a way to stop it while you research Catweazle Recommendations.


ok I think I have made some head way to sanity....

I was running Zone Alarm, that is supposed to be a firewall etc.... it seems to be what was dialing up, on startup.....

#1 is that program any good as a firewall?

#2 is there a way for it to work with out dialing out at startup...



I used to love Zonealarm, but now I use a router with a hardware NAT firewall to protect my whole network.

My opinion, for what it's worth, Zonealarm's pretty good, but XP's firewall is pretty solid, too. Both will pass the ShieldsUp test at grc.com. Zonealarm does have some features above and beyond just a normal Firewall though, which is a definite plus, so if you're happy with it now, you should stick with it.

As for it dialing out, maybe you have it set to check for updates? (It's been some time since I used it, but I THINK it had the option to autoupdate). Hope I've helped. Good luck to you. :)


ZoneAlarm is a very good firewall. I don't use it myself (I have a hardware firewall) so I can't give specifics about settings, but you'll find that any program of the sort which is trying to dial out on startup is loading and then trying to check for updates.

Check the preferences or options settings for the program, and disable any feature you find which sets it to automatically look for program updates as soon as it loads. Do the same for all your other software as well (except AntiVirus of course). Adopting a regular, scheduled practice of downloading and installing program updates manually.

Edit: Great minds think alike, eh?

heh heh heh......


yeah I thought thats what it was set for...i guess I will play with it a bit and go from there... hopefully soon i will also have a router for dsl or cable... does the network firewall come with that system???

thanks again...


If you're planning on purchasing new hardware, make sure it's a 'Modem/Router/Gateway' that you purchase, so you get all the features in the one unit. They can be purchased quite cheaply nowadays.

A hardware 'Gateway' or firewall is the best protection you can give yourself, I believe.

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