Okay, my problem is this, my computer (HP) will turn on and does the usual beep to notify that it's working. A few seconds after that it just keeps beeping repeatedly, the CD drive opens and closes when I hit the button, the monitor shows the normal HP Pavillion startup screen (but won't change), and the mouse and keyboard won't respond. The Repair CDs won't work without the keyboard. Any help would be accepted! Keep answers simple please because I'm new to how to fix things like this.

Hello Atticus239.

When the computer first turns on dose it give you the option to enter the Bios or boot options. It will usually be on the bottom of the screen.

You should unplug it from the wall and let it sit for a few mins then try it again.

Check all the wires in the back of the computer and also check to make sure the case is locked in place.

Let me know if this helps.

Tech TJ

It says F1<setup> F10<restore> if that's what you mean. But I can't use it because of the keyboard.
Unplugging it and checking the wires was one of the first things I did lol I just forgot to mention it.

If the keyboard is a good and you check everything.
OK Do you know where the ram is.
If you do then open the computer up and check to make sure that the sticks of ram are in and locked. This is a hardware problem because it starts before any software is loaded. Because this happens so early in the process the first thing to check is the Ram.

Let me know if you need help
Tech TJ

TechTJ is correct that this is a hardware problem,

first thing i'd try, before opening the case, would be using a different keyboard...

do the CAPS LOCK & SCROLL LOCK lights on the keyboard come on when the power is first turned on?? if so they should blink back off quickly.....

if that is happening then the keyboard is probably OK... which would point to a bad piece of hardware....

I've seen malfunctioning/ damaged modems cause PCs to hang up the POST (power on self test)

That first beep indicates the POST was completed with out errors.... and if there is a noticeable pause before the continous beeping starts,,, then i am inclined to look toward the keyboard as the problem (stuck key, shorted wire, or maybe even a bad keyboard controler on the MOTHERBOARD which is unlikley if the POST test is passed)

Ok thank you both I'll check those things once I get home, but hopefully it's not the keyboard because this is the third one I had to use. I just thought the other ones were bad keyboards....

what bios is on your pc, award, pheonix ami , is it one long continous beep or a series of beeps

It's a long series of beeps. Where would I find the BIOS?

I checked the keyboard and no lights flash on it. I started the computer without plugging in the keyboard and it still does it.

I also checked the RAM but every thing looks good.

It's a long series of beeps. Where would I find the BIOS?


Bios version is listed top of the screen when you first boot computer ,referred to as the boot screen

If you mean that black screen mine stops at a screen right before it and it doesn't have any numbers on it. Any other ways to get the bios?

usually by hitting the del key or f1 f2 f10[depends on you computer manufacturer] on bootup

the bios screen is the first screen u see when you turn on your pc, at the top left you will see the name of the bios manufacturer. this is the POST screen, where the bios check certain hardware on the computer, the only other screen you can see before the bios screen is is a splash screen that show the manufacturer of the mother board.

splash screens usually hide the boot screen ,i disable them in the bios

I just went to check for the bios one more time and the beeping was a series but then it merged into one long beep with a small beep here and there....Wow my computer is messed up lol. And yeah it does say HP Inside on the screen so I guess it's a splash screen.

sound like a CPU issue. open the case and check the cpu fan,verify that the fan turns on when you power up the pc.

OK I checked the fan and yes, it's running.

Climbing in late - but ...

Diagnosis here hinges on knowing two things:

The BIOS on an HP Pavilion (I don't know)

From Atticus239 the exact beep sequence.

Then we can refer to BIOS documentation somewhere where we'll find the POST detected problem.

We haven't been told (or I haven't read the posts thoroughly) whether or not this is a PS/2 port mouse/keyboard setup. But none of this really matters unless we can get to the beep sequence.

it matters most.

Do the experts agree?

Ok then, when I get home I'll check the beeps again and give the sequence.

I agree with suspishio, plus you need to tell us the bios manufacture, some have different beep sequences.

mine does the same thing, but it beeps once only.

there is no lights on either usb or ps/2 keyboard I use...but they work fine on other computers.

I am lost