If you are regeisterd full time student in a college with an wmail adress ending in edu microsoft is offereing those a special on the office 2007 ulitmate program for 59.99 I think the site is called the ultimate deal it is avaiable till Febuary 2008

its called "the big steal" or something like that. You need a .ac.uk email

I would suggest you so for the Star Office suite as it has got all the MS Office main features word, excel, access, powerpoint etc. It is free to download from their website. Bit of a handful to download though as the file is big but for saving a lot of money this is well worth it.

I have it and not going back to MS Office. Star office may not have all the functionalities of MS office but the minr details missing are not really that big deal. Beleive me you wont regret it either.


open office is free and is almost exactly the same as staroffice

As someone posted above to pay for Star Office, i think they got it wrong somewhere cos i had it for free. I ll also give open office a shot as well.


Staroffice isnrt free
Openoffice is

Now i m paranoid cos i m pretty sure i downlaoded star office from SUn and it was for free. But i ll check at home what m i using exactly.


i want the product key code for my laptop

If you want free software. Go for Linux OS. It come with Open Office. Firefox, Media player and a host of other software and for all this it is free. No product key, no worry about license, no trial version and no hassle. You can download any Linux OS and install straight away and once install you will get all the software you need is there. I use Ubuntu by the way.

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