yesterday i put windows 2000 driver cd into my cd-rom drive and suddenly my laptop doesn't "see" that drive anymore.

When i go to system/hardware, it's telling me that i'm having a device manager error code 19 and that my registry might be corrupted. I found this information that may possibly fix this problem for me, but i have no idea what an upperfilter or lowerfilter is. Can anyone help me shed some light on this??


remove the upperfilters and lowerfilters values completely from the following registry key:


it worked!!! Bless you! Happy new year!

You don't need to reinstall the player after deleting those keys. but you might need to either "search for new devices" in device manager, or reboot the PC.

The keys will automatically repair themselves upon first use of the DVD / CD, etc...

it usually comes up as code 41 ->
I have a forum that discusses it, but it is full of popups and rubbish you have to sift through.

This seems to be caused by, or happens some time after an install of itunes 8 or lower. have not had it with itunes 9 yet.

anyone out there have this issue, that does not have itunes 8? (or quicktime?) I would love to know.

if you need any further help, please ask me :-) (or the other guy that mentioned those filters /registry keys first)

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Hello, i have windows 7, i tried to install Nero 7, it shows me incompatibility issues, still i tried to install it, it got installed bt was not working, after that i uninstalled it, bt after that my cd/dvd drive stopped showing...
i follow your step by removing keys from registry and cd/dvd drive start showing it icon...
but now my problem is that i am not able to write anythning on shows error... i tried both, nero 8 and also window 7 own writing....after about 10-15 minutes it shows error on dvd writing....
pls help me find out this error, do i need to re install that deleted keys... ????
Also i had itunes 8 installed, bt after this issue of deleting registry keys, now itunes 8 shows warning and tell to reinstall itunes, i did bt even than it shows warning...

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