i have a sony vaio and a couple of days ago i plugged it into a projector, since then the display on the laptop is strange, the fonts a bit burry, pictures not clear, its hard to explain but the display used to be crystal clear! i can't figure out what has changed, no obvious settings! any ideas what to do?! thank u in advance and im sorry about posting this here but i wasn't sure where else!

when you connected the projector was is showing correctly.

go to the display properties to change the font and screen resolution.

No it wouldnt show up on the projector! the resolution is the same as it was before i plugged it in! thank u for ur reply!

have you tried changing any setting in the display properties. what happened for the screen to be this way

go into the properties of the video card and check the refresh rate.as it may have changed ,not sure what the laptop should be, but i think its should be 75,hooking it to the projector may have changed it to 60 or so,i have seen blurry laptop screens when set to 60 mhz

thank u for all your replies! i'll give that a go!