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Dual boot. Its better that way.

If im corect, i think that vista now has the handy ability to shrink NTFS partitions now under disk management, or else you could use a livecd like the GParted one


he is right dual boot will make the operating system run a lot faster, but if you need to have both o/s running at the same time for some reason then a virtual machine is the way to go. Also make sure you make two seprate partitions or better yet use two different hdd. There are some good tutorials on installing vista with xp worth a read


yer google is the way forward i cant rember which way round your ment to do it whether its vista first then xp or install xp first then vista.


xp first i think. The older windowses are picky

MS have lots on dual booting 2000 and XP, which ive used before. should be ones for vista

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