Websense has created a YouTube video here which reveals exactly how a ‘tubing’ attack works. What is tubing? Well according to Websense it is a new crimeware technique that attempts to dupe the recipient into watching a YouTube video clip that is not all it might seem.

While watching the video, what is actually happening behind the scenes is that you are being presented with a YouTube decoy and a Trojan horse known as YouTube04567 is downloaded on to your PC. The payload is, as is so often the case these days, an information stealing Trojan designed to grab personal ID data from your PC which is uploaded to an as yet undisclosed remote location.

Websense warn that although it has captured this code on the web, the chances are very high indeed that there are email and instant messaging lures lingering around in the wild for the URL in question. And, of course, who knows how many new YouTube video tubing decoys have been created or are waiting to be released onto the video hungry public?

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