I've had an ongoing issue related to several Netgear Draft-N products so I wanted to see if anyone might have some insight.

I have two PCs, one running Windows XP SP2, the other Vista Ultimate.

I have 4 Netgear products:

Router: WNR834B (connect to Comcast)
USB Adapter: WG111 (G)
USB Adapter: WN111 (N)
USB Adapter: WN121T (N)

With the WG111 adapters I connect to the network at 54mps and can download from the internet at about 12000kbps with an upload of 3000kbps.

However, when I use either of the N adapters on either machine, while connecting to the local LAN at 270-300mps, my download rates drop to 1500kbps/2000kbps. Yes, the upload is higher than the download.

The router has the latest firmware drop, and I've used several versions of the drivers for both systems. I've disabled security for testing purposes and use just the Wireless Access Lists with my MAC addresses defined. I've tried setting the Channels statically and auto to no avail.

Any other suggestions are appreciated. Thanks!

have you tried removing the G from the network and cycling your equipment? by introducing a B or G into an N environment the total network performance usually suffers