Hi , I am trying to figure out how my friend can connect to my home Network over the internet , We are both running Windows Xp. I am guessing you need to run somekind of Server or something, but if not is there any good resources i can find out how to do this . :D

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you definetley need to run a server unless you guys were on the same network or router then yo would need to run a server.

here are some good servers
bulletproof ftp
gene 6 ftp
ws ftp

sorry about the double post.

It depends on what you want him to be able to do when he gets there. If you mean share files for instance, and do all the normal local networking stuff, then you need to set up a VPN tunnel between your machines. Nothing else required. In my work, I connect to remote machines for all different purposes, and different purposes require different techinques and software. So....what are you trying to do exactly?

i want to use this networking for my backoffice software to be run on both computers like lan . also can we share harddisk over net inexpensively

Hi, I have a computer with w98, since use the spyware remover, it cant connect with internet who can help to solve this problem thanks

:lol: I have the adelphia cable connect with internet,but the computer can not open the web site

get a modem, router, and few ethernet cables and it should be fine.

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