We currently have a private class C network attached to our class B site LAN via a low end cisco router. The private subnet, currently used by around 20 devices, is 192.168.10.x, for political reasons we need to change this to 193.168.10.x. The migration of the 20 devices will need to be gradual over several weeks due to other constraints, so we need to maintain both subnets in the interim on the same physical private LAN. (the migrated devices need not communicate with the non-migrated devices during the interim period, mostly data servers to site LAN)
What are my options?

1. Can the router be configured to route both subnets for the interim period.
2. Or would I need an additional router for the interim to route the new subnet.
3. Is it wise to allow two subnets to share the same physical LAN?

Thanks. :)

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first 193.168.10.x. is a public address (i supposed u buy it)

1)Can the router be configured to route both subnets for the interim period.
of course that routers purpose
just configure default gateway (router ip address on interface)
2) look two subnets or more is usually configured when u want to add security to your lan (one subnet can not accecc to other without router or layer 3 switch) or if u have 100 or more computers on lan
so there is no mistake with two subnets :icon_smile:

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