Greetings all

I've been having problems with my router/cable connection. It starts out working just fine. Then, it seems after a power outage, I'll loss my internet connection on all pcs connected to router. (Wired and wireless). This has happened a few times and usually requires me power cycling the moden and router and/or restoring the default settings on the router. Although it is not always that easy.

The router is a linksys and the cable isp is rogers. Two of the machines are xp pro and the other is vista.

The interesting thing is after losing my connection via the pcs, I'm able to ping urls from the router and can access the internet when wired directly to the modem. That would seem to suggest that the cable connection is ok. I've tried power cycing the router and cable modem in different orders and have also tried renewing the DHCP lease from within the router.

I'm running PC Cillian Internet Security on all three machines.

This problem is due router/modem from the isp given to you or there could be a configuration problem in your wireless router.You please reset your router by pressing a black button at backside/bottom of the router, then configure it again. If still the problem persist, you better go for D-Link router.Hope this will help you in some extent.