I know that this sounds like a fairly strange question, but i'll explain why i'm asking. Ok, I have an Xbox 360 downstairs in my basement, but my wireless router is upstairs connected to my main computer. I do not want to move it because it would be too much of a hassle. The reason I want to use two routers is so I can use one for internet connections, and the other specifically for gaming. How exactly would I go upon doing this? Would I plug an ethernet cable into the back of the main router then connect it into the other router? Or is that not even close? I also looked on some websites and people say something about using a product called an ethernet splitter? Where could I buy one of these and would it have any use in my situation? Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks

You can do it, but I'm not sure I understand what you hope to achieve.
Are you talking about Internet Gaming?
Why not just run an Ethernet cable directly from the router to the basement computer?
Most routers have policy restrictions that might help.

Well the main reason I want to do this is because my other wireless router is WPA. My Xbox 360 works fine with it, but not my DS. Apparently, DS doesn't work with WPA. I want to change it, but alot of my friends have gotten hacked through their wireless network. So I want to use the main router for internet, and the other, I'll give WEP or no encryption at all. It wouldn't matter as much if other people connected to my other router because I'd only use it for Video games. But, if this isnt possible, then thats fine. Thanks for the reply though.

if you connect a router to your main router, then anything that can connect to your secondary router can get online as well. If I were the neighbor, i'd get into the 2nd router using wep since it's connected to the main router anyway.

You need to set-up WEP on the
2nd router if you're running a cable on either the any one of the regular ports on the main router to any one of regular ports or internet port on the 2nd router to prevent others from getting online using the 2nd one.

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