I am running Windows XP on a COMPAQ Presario SR1135CL. My ISP is Verizon, and the modem Verizon provided is a Westell VersaLink Model 327W. The PC and modem have been in use for approximately 4 years and until lately trouble-free. Several months ago I began experiencing problems connecting to the Internet. These problems were initially only occasional and mildly annoying but over time became much worse. The COMPAQ PC Help & Support Tool error log noted a COM+ Event error. I followed some instructions I obtained off the Internet for correcting the problem. These involved removing clbcatq.dll and reinstalling COM+. They did not correct the problem and in fact resulted in additional problems. Attempting to use any feature of PC Help & Support elicited a CLASS NOT REGISTERED statement. Attempting to reinstall the DSL software elicited a flash.ocx error message. I attempted a system restore to a recent restore point date; System Restore refused to execute. I was finally able to restore the system to a date in early May--Microsoft Word failed. I did an Undo System Restore and was notified by Windows SP/3 firewall that my network connections were corrupt and it was necessary to restore the default settings to fix the problem. I did that and re-loaded all the exceptions--the network corruption was not fixed. Now the PC audio is gone. My anti-spyware tool (XoftSpySE) reports only Low Risk "spyware" (just cookies mostly) and appears to remove them. My anti-virus tool (Norton corporate reports no viruses. My system registry tools (Ultra Win Cleaner, System Mechanic, RegCure, and RegistryEasy) all claim to clean and repair the system registry but have had no effect on the problem. I exectued two socket fixing tools--no effect. I took my system down and brought the PC to work where the local IT gurus hooked it up to the local network and accessed I/E with no problem. I put the system back up at home and as far as Internet access it was as useful as a cinder block. Night before last I booted up just for the hell of it, and was instantly connected to the Internet. My MSN connection lasted for a few tens of minutes and then died. My AOL connection lasted for a couple of hours and then died. Last night the system was back in a cinder block mode. The COMPAQ diagnostics say the hardware and memory are fine but flagged the modem for a dial tone error. (This happened just before I successfully logged on to AOL, MSN and Verizon Online Support night before last; besides, I don't have a dial-up connection.) I tried AOL and Verizon customer service. The only thing their tech support people know is that if you turn the PC and modem off and on, sometimes a problem will go away. True enough--but in this case it looks as if something a little more drastic may be required.

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get a new firmware flashed on the modem. these have updates that are not always automatic. If you're computer works elsewhere then it's not the computer that you should be worried about. I'd consider getting Verizon to test the line from their end. Of course they might say that nothing is wrong. When they do, be sure to prepare a ping result. Wheneve you get online go to start > run > type "cmd" > on the DOS prompt type "ping www.google.com -t" this should do a continuous ping (which basically tests the internet connection). You'll get a reply, request timed out, and other errors or successes.

If you get a series of replies then you see request timed out in the middle or as the ping goes, then show Verizon and say hey "I'm getting request timed out with a continuous ping. My connection is being dropped by either your modem or your service." This should get their attention and take you seriously.

call 1-877-787-8749. If these techies can't fix your problem, then it's free. If they were able to fix it, ask for a promo code to get another free call. Hope this helps. saves you from spending $100 on other 3rd party tech support.

Thank you for your suggestions--I will certainly try them and let you know how things turn out.

I previously called Verizon, and their Customer Service rep checked the connection and assured me it was okay. However, I have every reason to suspect that if it were not okay, the Verizon Customer Service reps would be the last people to know.

Yes, with a continuous ping I was receiving Request Timed Out mixed in with Reply Received. I called Verizon and they fixed the problem at that time by resetting my IP address from their end--but, of course, the next time I booted up my PC I could not access the Internet. Their diagnostics, they claim, indicate my connection is okay, even though quite obviously it is not. Verizon seems clueless as to a permanent fix, but I figured it out--new ISP.

Thanks for the tip.


After wasting a month consulting various PC gurus, including those at Microsoft and HP tech support, I have concluded that the problems described cannot be fixed except, possibly, by wiping the hard drive and reinstalling Windows XP. I guess that means this thread is "solved."

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