Hello! I appear to have a slight problem. Also, I am fairly confident that I am posting in the correct forum but apologies if I am not.

I am running a MacBook on my home wireless network, and I also have a wired PC running on the network. I want to share files from the Mac to the PC as a backup hard drive. However, the two cannot see each other on the network. I suspect that it has something to do with the fact that the PC is wired and the Mac is wireless, but I'm not sure. I tried some Internet research to no avail.

Any help that can be offered is greatly appreciated.

Can the two machines ping each other? Firewalls turned off? And is one of your computers sharing a folder for the other to see?

I have not tried pinging the two of them; I am not a network guy and therefore did not think of it. I will try it.

The Mac does not have an external firewall save for anything which came installed on the Mac, and the PC might have one like Spybot running.

Both of them have sharing folders set up to see each other; I tried it both ways to no avail.