Apologies if this is in the wrong category.

I have a MacBook running Leopard and another laptop running Windows XP. I have them working both and finding eachother using the wiresless router we have.

Now I have Age of Empires 3 and want to have a network game between the two. I want to play over the LAN because I feel it would be more reliable. I have just been and got myself a crossover cable. This is easier because I do not want a wire running to and from the router.

I just wanted to know how do set them up. Will it be a case of just plugging them in? I have done a bit of quick research and people have been saying that IP address, subnet thingamajigs need changed and all sorts! I am home form work in an hour so just hoping to get a feel of it before I get playing :D


It might not work because some games will not allow multiple computers from the network or IP address. I would try using a program like SmartHide on the XP machine and choosing an IP address in some other country other than your own. If bothe the machines use the same internet connection and the same router and you go changing the Subnet, IP, Gatways, and other settings not knowing what you are doing you could cause a major DNS error and lose your connection to both machines.