How long does it normally take for most companies to transfer a domain name? Are some faster than others. I am using right now and it is taking fooooorrrrreeeeeevvvvvveeeeeeerrrrrrrrr.

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It all depends. NetSol used to "lose" the email from Godaddy requesting the transfer. Some of them now request a "secret word". I have seen the transfer from registrar to another usually take about 3-5 business days

Ah ha. Well they told me 7-10, I am assuming business days, today is the 10th business day. I try to support smaller companies but stuff never gets done fast enough or they have technical problems. Oh well I guess I'll wait a little longer. Thanks for the reply!

Usually the smaller company is a lot faster because they want to provide better customer service.

Send them an email or call them again today and try to find out the status. If the transfer is also being done close to the expiration date, this might also have some effect

What's that an MLM?

What's that an MLM?

Usually a scheme - stands for multi-level marketing. You usually buy something from someone and then sell things. You get a percentage of that while the person you bought it from gets a percentage as well.

MLM Watch is a good place to start and MLM Survivor has some information on the lawsuits against these types of companies

Yeah I know what MLM's are, I was asking if that site is an MLM. They are not a good idea at all.

Yeah I know what MLM's are, I was asking if that site is an MLM. They are not a good idea at all, unless you are into taking money from friends and relatives...

didn't mean to post that twice*

Haha I looked at the site again. I like how MLM's promote greed so much to get people to join. Sadly it's always poor people that join these and loose what little money they have.

<< my registrar service >> takes 48 hours.

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Post your link in your sig, it got cut out of your post.

I registered a domain through and am currently selling it on Ebay. I am wondering about the cheapest way to transfer the domain to the winning bidder.

If you want to see the auction go to

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