Hi all,

This gets a bit involved, so please bear with me :icon_confused:
I have owned the domain chocolatelover.net for over 9 years now.
For several of those years, I registered and had it hosted by services located in the USA.
However, at one renewal period, I switched it to a registrar and host located in the Philippines. I kept it there one year.
An oversight on my part witnessed my failing to renew my domain.
Thus, chocolatelover.net went into a "Redemption Period".
To get my domain back, I had to pay around $150 USD.
While I am admitting that failure to renew was ultimately my fault, I felt my registrar could have e-mailed me to give me a warning.

I realized that trying to save a few dollars by going with a Filipino registrar and host had ironically wound up costing me far more, so I switched my registrar to GoDaddy and my hosting service to another domestic firm, hgpowerhosting.com.

OK, now to the crux of my problem.
Even tho I switched to GoDaddy and HG Powerhosting around 2 years ago, most of my page hits come from the Philippines.
I am wondering if there might be some designator...somewhere that indicates that this domain is located in the Philippines. I have looked at Godaddy's and my host's config files and saw nothing that would indicate that.
I even tried for a time adding the Meta Tag: <meta name="country" content="USA" /> but that didn't result in any change in visitor's being primarily from the Philippines.

So...does anyone have any clues as to why this might be?
Perhaps it is coincidental, but it just seems like such an oddity that the majority of my visitors would not be from the USA.

Sooo...help? :?:


So...over 350 people have read this in the last month, and not a single one of them has any possible answers/theories/clues?

Search engine crawlers come across this page and it increases the view count. They also periodically check back hourly, daily, weekly, etc depending on how often the page is updated.

It is likely that only a handful of the 350 people were human

Thanks sknake.
Yeah, I forgot to account for the fact that search robots would account for some hits.

Oh well, I will just take it that no one knows the answer to my question, seeing that I posted it a month ago.

What does it matter? Internet traffic can come from anywhere. I have had apexsoftware.com registered with Network Solutions since it was purchased in the 90s and I get a ton of traffic from India. There is nothing associated with this domain except US information and registrars.

It doesn't matter. If you don't want the traffic then drop APNIC ip blocks at your router (this will hurt your search engine rankings, though).

OK, I just found it curious that the majority of my traffic should suddenly go from the USA to the Philippines, given the succession of events I recounted in my original post.

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