i am trying to set up a network using three computers that all use XP home, two of these systems are laptops , all system of which are linked via a wireless adapter, connecting to a D link router, they all see the router fine however i cannot get them to see one another, i have tried all the wizards in Windows and checked all that s normally required but cant get it to recognise. I seem to be able to connect with a Professional version of windows, does this mean that i need a professional version on one of the three system to become a network admin.

any help is grateful


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Check your to see that your windows firewall is turned off. When you run the network wizard it turns the firewall on by default. You can network with just XP Home.


i have disabled the Windows Firewall as well as additional ones that i have installed though i still seem not to connect, sorry i forget to mention in the last post that i can get the systems on the same workgroup and see the icons in the my network places, however when i click the icons it sticks on an hour glass then comes up with a dialog box that displays a message like the one here

You may not have permission to access this computer please contact network adminstrator

Hi Studio, two things come to mind. And these are just suggestions to try. I´m basing these on the fact that you can see the computers near you icons. (caveat: I´m running Win2K and this may be slightly different on XP)

First, you should be signed in as administrator, most likely.

Second, when you get that working, if you don´t have any files shareable on the other computers, you will not see anything when you try to access them. Go to the other computers, select windows explorer, select the file and under the file menu, properties. Go through the sharing tab and it´s easy from there - make sure you give all permissions and you will be able to see from the other users.

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