Alright, so I set up this network, wireless and all that. I have to leave it unsecured, though, because my room mate's laptop will not connect to anything with a password. The settings don't line up. I don't understand why...

Well a few days ago I set up a static Ip for my laptop. Is there any way to set up me and my friends for static IPs and then block any other connections except the three of us? It's an old Belkin router but I feel there should be some way to do that. I get the distinct feeling that even right this moment someone I don't want is on the network but I don't want them there.

Is that what "Client IP Filters" are? I've never messed with that kinda stuff so I don't want to risk having to reset my router (since I did all the work with the Static IP.)

From what I see I could make me and my friend ***.10 ***.11 and ***.12 and then block anything else. I think it goes up to a possible of 100 so I would block ***-13 - ***.100 When blocking the range what ports would I block? I assume all of them but I don't know what the max range is... 0-99999?

I figure this because it says "Ip pool address" and goes from 2-100 under DHCP server

This depends on the features of the router any and all wireless cards should have some type of security even WEP. Otherwise don't broadcast the SSID and check to see if you can limit connections by MAC Address which will give you semblance of control.