The thing is that I'm living in hostel and they use cisco router with web authentication. Normally after successfully connected to the network, I've got to enter name & password at the browser ( to get redirected. However, the problem is now is that when connecting to the router, I always get the IP like 169.254.x.x which is not correct, no DNS server and no DHCP server as well. Normally DHCP would be . Can help ?

169.254... is an ip that is assigned to your card when it is set to DHCP, but no DHCP server answers the request.

Are you using wired or wireless? Try connecting, then use "IPCONFIG /RENEW" to force a new DHCP address. Make certain you are on the correct Wifi SSID.

To get to a server IP, you will need to be on the network and on a subnet that will route to that host. IF you don't get a DHCP IP, then you aren't going to go anywhere obviously.

Wireless , and the "correct" IP is usuall 10.176.x.x so I guess DHCP does not answer as everything except the IP is blank but not . Btw, what's the difference between /release and /renew ? Anw Tks for the suggestion but havent got chance to try it


/Release does just that. It releases the ip but does not get a new one. In effect your IP is now

/Renew goes beyond that. It releases the IP and then gets a new one from the DHCP server.

Ok, just to be sure...At first if the DHCP is not giving any IP, will /renew cmd helps it as it's not responding anw

It will if the DHCP server on the router is configured properly.
At the very least the command prompt (do the ipconfig in a cmd window, not in the run command so you can see the response) should give you some additional information if it fails.

As I don't wanna risk my connectivity, I try the command when I'm able to surf and the result I get is : "An error occured while renewing interface Wireless Network Connection: unable to contact your DHCP server. Request has timed out." Luckily, my connectivity is still there. So, is this DHCP's problems ?

If you currently have no IP address, yet you can surf, then there's some fantastic magic happening there. Do you have a 3G card in the unit (or other type of carrier) that gets you online?

No, I mean I've got the IP alr, then I try the command . Even though the command failed, I still had the same address.